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On Suicidal Ideation and Psychosis

***TRIGGER WARNING*** Psychosis, Suicide, and Infanticide mentioned.   I’ve gotten some push-back on my post that discusses whether Sasha Hettich was suffering from psychosis when she completed suicide on Christmas Day, 2015. We discussed this idea briefly together as a … Continue reading

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On Suicide and Who You Are

*** TRIGGER WARNING*** Please forgive me in advance for my bluntness. I am too raw to tread lightly around other people’s feelings today. Suicide does not just happen. Okay? It is not something that suddenly pops into your head and—BAM—you … Continue reading

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On the Selfishness of Suicide

***TRIGGER WARNING*** I wrote this post on September 8-10, 2012. Please note, I have expanded some of my thoughts and corrected my own misperceptions here after Sasha Hettich committed suicide in 2015. Do not read this post individually. (Link also … Continue reading

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Before Sasha’s Suicide

***TRIGGER WARNING*** On Christmas Day in 2015, my friend Sasha Hettich committed suicide. I admittedly did not know her well. We met in a bible study at Cornerstone University, and I connected with her again when her daughter Ember was … Continue reading

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