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On Growth and Grief

My “One Word” theme for 2016 is “Grow.” I picked that word while stifling a smile; I had hoped to literally grow a new baby and therefore literally grow in size this year. I thought I was so clever. But … Continue reading

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On Motherhood and Growing Up

This is a post I started a while ago (as evidenced by the holiday references) but wasn’t able to wrap up until now because of said holidays and the need to process Sasha’s death with y’all. So, back to business… … Continue reading

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On Suicide and Who You Are

*** TRIGGER WARNING*** Please forgive me in advance for my bluntness. I am too raw to tread lightly around other people’s feelings today. Suicide does not just happen. Okay? It is not something that suddenly pops into your head and—BAM—you … Continue reading

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On the Selfishness of Suicide

***TRIGGER WARNING*** I wrote this post on September 8-10, 2012. Please note, I have expanded some of my thoughts and corrected my own misperceptions here after Sasha Hettich committed suicide in 2015. Do not read this post individually. (Link also … Continue reading

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Before Sasha’s Suicide

***TRIGGER WARNING*** On Christmas Day in 2015, my friend Sasha Hettich committed suicide. I admittedly did not know her well. We met in a bible study at Cornerstone University, and I connected with her again when her daughter Ember was … Continue reading

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With Love, from Panera: You’re Doing a Great Job

Dear mama at Panera. You’re doing a great job. When your boys start fussing because the line is too long, you march them right up to the window to admire all of the goodies you are going to get. You … Continue reading

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Life is in the Blood: The Gospel According to Biology

Life is in the blood. Every month we bleed, we lose a bit of our life. We bleed when we miscarry, we lose the life of another.   This is what it means to be a woman. To be a … Continue reading

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