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On Growth and Grief

My “One Word” theme for 2016 is “Grow.” I picked that word while stifling a smile; I had hoped to literally grow a new baby and therefore literally grow in size this year. I thought I was so clever. But … Continue reading

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Depression is My Superpower

When Frozen first came out, “Let It Go” became a rallying crying for a lot of the moms I know that struggle with perinatal mood disorders. I think the reason this movie did so well is because no matter who … Continue reading

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On Christian Maturity & Immaturity

I started a fun little exercise recently—well, fun for nerds like me, anyhow. I want to learn more about what distinguishes a mature Christian from an immature Christian, so as I read my daily devotions I have been writing down … Continue reading

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On Motherhood and Growing Up

This is a post I started a while ago (as evidenced by the holiday references) but wasn’t able to wrap up until now because of said holidays and the need to process Sasha’s death with y’all. So, back to business… … Continue reading

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On Shame and Growing Up

I crashed again. I have taken some pretty drastic measures over the past three months to correct the hormone imbalance and was able to come out of it quite quickly, but I was surprised to find that the spiritual depression … Continue reading

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On Fear and Insecurity Cont’d: Loved No Matter What

I mentioned back in my original post about PPD Prevention that Chris and I were committed to keeping our marriage strong during the postpartum period. But as I explained in this post, I am still learning “how to ‘do’ marriage with … Continue reading

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On Fear and Insecurity: The Idolatry of Marriage

As much as my depressive episodes are devastating to me and to my family, I cannot deny that God uses every episode as a tool to rock my faith to its core and reinvent it. This episode has been no … Continue reading

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